Frequently asked questions

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How to access our predictions?

Select your starter pack. Once your payment has been made, you’ll have access to our tips and predictions.

How do I know when the predictions are online?

Predictions are usually posted online around noon, but you can also follow us on Snapchat (@dividaende) for more details.

Where do I bet?

You can bet online at a sports betting site, or go to your local betting shop.

What is a bankroll?

Your bankroll is the total amount of money that you allocate to sports betting.

What are odds?

The odds represent the potential payout that the gambler will receive if they make a winning bet. The odds are determined by the sports betting site. Note that our site uses decimal odds, a decimal number (1.81 or 2.10, for example) which cannot be less than 1.
(Example: €50 bet; odds of 1.80; potential payout = €90)
Note that if multiple odds are combined on the same ticket, they are multiplied together and then multiplied by your bet to determine your potential payout.

What happens if a match is called off or postponed?

For most bets, unless otherwise indicated, any event that is cancelled, postponed or called off must resume within 36 hours of the start of the original event in order for bets to remain valid.
Otherwise, the bets will be cancelled, except for bets for which the outcome is already known, and which can therefore be validated.

Prevention and help in case of addiction

If you feel that you are becoming dependent on online gaming and that it is causing financial and/or relationship difficulties, you can call the following number for help: 09-74-75-13-13 (no additional charges)

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Betting involves risks, including debt, isolation and dependency. If you need help, call 09-74-75-13-13. (no additional charges)
Gambling is prohibited for minors