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Dividaende Pronos

Dividænde Pronos

After a lot of hard work and determination, we realized that we couldn’t leave anything to chance. It took us more than 8 years to acquire a good level of in-depth statistics and prognostics, before we finally created and patented the Kalimantan technique. THE method for winning sports betting despite inevitable defeats.

What is the Kalimantan technique?

The Kalimantan technique is a type of stochastic process. It is designed to have a constantly growing bankroll for a real investment!

Explanation: We lose several times in a row and yet, at the next win, we get back our lost bets as well as our previous bets as if we had won them, to the penny!

And yes, you read that right!


What is the Infallible prediction?

The infallible prediction is an overestimated bet by a bookmaker. Through our daily analysis, we have noticed that this anomaly occurs at least once a year.

However it is dissociated from the Kalimantan technique.

Infallible 2020 Prediction

Date: 16/08/2020
Sport: Football
Division: MFL North Macedonia
Match: Akademija Pandev – Vardar

ANALYSIS (in brief)
Akademija Pandev (7th/10 in the 2019/2020 season standings) host the defending champions Vardar at home in the 2019/2020 season. As of 16 August 2020 (2nd day of the season) the history of the last 10 meetings is: Pandev = 0 Victories ¦ Draws = 4 ¦ Vardar = 6 Victories


Note: We have seen 3 cases of Covid among Vardar players and 1 case among the hosts but the numbers remain the same as the last match. (Pandev 0 – 3 Vardar on 01/12/2019) However a small crisis at the Vardar club due to the departure of the Russian owner Serguei Samsonenko who no longer wishes to invest in the club which causes a drop in their salary and will make them leave the club at mid-season.

Here are the odds: Pandev = 1.35 ¦ Draws = 3.30 ¦ Vardar = 7

Very surprising to find Vardar odds at 7, it should even win but we strongly advise betting: Vardar win, draw or loses by 1 goal odds at 1.75


Result of the match : 0-1 for Vardar

Infallible 2021 Prediction 

Date: 12/09/2021
Sport: Volleyball
Division: 1/8 final European Championship
Match: Serbia – Turkey


ANALYSIS (in brief): On Saturday 12/09/2021 from 10:30, some bookmakers display: Turkey don’t lose in 3 sets odds at 8.50 (knowing that volleyball is played in 3 sets win) while Turkey Winner is quoted 4.30. We understand that the bookmakers have made a mistake. This anomaly will be re-evaluated by the bookmakers and will be quoted 1.43 at 12.08. During these 1h38, the most reactive will have had the opportunity to follow our advice: bet on Turkey don’t lose in 3 sets odds 8.50


The only way to lose would be for Serbia to win 3 sets to 0. That’s why we bet on: Serbia wins 3-0 (sets) odds 3.40


Example: €100 on 8.50 odds = €850 (Turkey don’t lose in 3 sets)


€250 on 3.40 odds = €850 (Serbia wins 3-0 (sets) )


So you see, whatever the result, we will win our bets x 2.43!


All our results in a few figures ...

  • Soccer 409/585
  • Basketball 601/779
  • Tennis 60/110
  • Baseball 45/75
  • Volley 304/381
  • Handball 87/138
  • Rugby 30/47
  • Hockey 11/17
  • F1 11/16
  • Winter sport 1/2
  • Boxing 1/2
  • American Soccer 3/4

Total: 1563/2156

(Updated at the beginning of each month)

Since the opening of the website

Dividaende Pronos



Guillaume S.


« I advise you all! I started with 1500€ and finished the year with 6120€. I’ve been playing on Betclic for over a year now and I’m not sure how much I’ve been able to get away with it. Thanks you boss »


11th January 2023



Alain T.


« This is the 2nd year that I am following you and that I apply the technique over a year from January 1st to December 31st to recover my profits at the same time as my salary and 13th salary. Thank you very much for your help! I’m doing it again for 2023! »


January 8th, 2023



Hector L.


« WAY TOO LONG!!! No patience to do it 5 minutes every day. »


December 28th, 2022



Céline P.


« At the end of the year I reach the x4 as agreed.
My husband does it too, we both love to keep up.

I recommend!!! »


December 3rd,2022



Hailey N.


“A friend recommended your site to me, I saw that it worked for him so I signed up. It’s a very good investment even if it was hard at the beginning, sometimes I missed games, with the time difference since I live in Montreal. It’s much more convenient since we have the notification.”


March 2nd, 2022


Christophe H.


“Very good method! It’s just a shame to apply it when you are on a long winning streak but reassuring when you are losing.”


February 7th, 2022



Baptiste L.


“I chose the x4/year, goal reached for 2021 I continue for this new year Thank you very much!!”


January 28th, 2022


Cyril R.


“Very good! Reliable site! Predictions on various sports, very strong especially in Volleyball!”


January 26th, 2022


Damien P.


“Can’t wait for this year’s infallible predictions! I earned over two months salary last year. Thanks”


January 6th, 2022



Madum R.


“Happy new year to you the dreamteam you are and remain always on top and thank you again for everything!!!”


January 1st, 2022



Jimmy D.


“I opted for the 4 months investment, if i reach the indicated return, i will continue.”


November 8th, 2021


Thomas C.


“Thank you for everything!! We are behind you!”


November 1st, 2021



Marc L.


“I signed up out of curiosity, without much conviction and yet you have changed my vision of sports betting ! Not wanting to lose my money, i immediately adhered to you Kalimantan technique and i see my bankroll evolving more and more. An investment that i recommend.”


October 11th, 2021



Mathilde T.


“The site is clear, technically efficient and easy to use for novices like me. I highly recommend it.”


September 19th, 2021



Maxime N.


“Thank you 1000x!!!!!!”


September 13th, 2021



Aleksander P.


“Thank you so much for yesterday, just Amazing!”



September 13th, 2021


Ralph D.


“Thank you for the infallible volleyball match, you have regaled me the team.”



September 13th, 2021



Laura N.


“This team is dynamic and responsive! I didn’t understand the technique very well so I sent them an email. They were able to answer my questions. I recommend them.”


July 22nd, 2021


Kéran S.


“Good technique, nothing to complain about!”


May 17th, 2021


Kamel A.


“Kalimantan technique just incredible, more than 10 years I am gambling, casino, pmu, sports betting. I’ve never seen this.”


May 14th, 2021


Xavier D.


“The Kalimantan technique really works, the only drawback is that you have to be patient…”


March 8th, 2021


Rafael C.


“I have been playing sports betting for a while now but I have to admit that this technique has changed my vision of the game! I’m not as disgusted anymore when my bets don’t go through because I know that I don’t lose my money.”


February 26th, 2021


Yuri M.


“I had a problem with my account and it was resolved within 24 hours. Great service, very happy with my investment.”


February 2nd, 2021


Ben T.


“I’m so glad I found you on instagram. I was able to invest in something I really like: sports!”



December 21st, 2020


Hoda H.


“It’s been 3 months since I signed up and I can see I’m making money every day. Thank you for sharing!”


November 16th, 2020


Olivier S.


“Serious company, I wasn’t charged the 4 months of stop of the predictions because of the Covid. Efficient customer service. I recommend.”


August 3rd, 2020


Anais B.


“I have been using your technique for several months, it takes time so I invested more and now I am 100% satisfied.”


January 27th, 2020